The Rotary Club of Andover presented their annual Youth Speaks competition in the Harrow Way Auditorium on Monday 26th January. Five teams were entered into the intermediate section and three in the senior section.

Well done to Daniel Falcone, who won best speaker in the intermediate category. Harrow Way entered three teams into the intermediate section; each team consisted of three speakers, a chairperson, a main speaker and a proposer. For all of the Harrow Way teams it was their first youth speaks competition. All teams did very well and spoke confidently on their chosen subjects.

Harrow Way A discussed the 2012 Olympics and why we should be part of it. Harrow Way B considered what is fame and the definition of celebrity. Harrow Way C spoke about the portrayal of teenagers and that they are stereotyped by older people just by what they’re wearing.

Rookwood won both intermediate and senior sections, with topics on ‘Burger or Bust’ (intermediate) and ‘Pampered Prisoners’ (senior team A). Burger or Bust focused on healthy eating and mentioned the work of Jamie Oliver in Schools. Pampered prisoners asked the question ‘are prisoners getting too many luxuries?’ Prisoners are getting £10 for studying and then spending there money on cigarettes and junk food. Some prisoners feel prisons are better than hotels because they’re free!

Rookwood entered two teams in the senior category and one in the intermediate. Also competing were John Hanson who entered a team in both the senior and intermediate sections.