Music - After - 1
As the last Heads Corner discussed, Harrow Way continued in its ongoing efforts to improve the fabric of the school over the 2007 Summer Holidays with the following projects, led by our site manager, Steve Badby:

  • The creation of an additional classroom in the modern languages corridor;
  • The creation of a new meetings room adjacent to the Headteacher’s office;
  • The refurbishment and expansion of the Music Department;
  • The renovation and refurbishment of the girls’ toilets in the main block;
  • Redecoration and carpeting of the Gymnasium office;
  • New sinks and drinking water supply in the Community Centre for our pre-school children;
  • New ovens in the kitchen;
  • The purchasing of dining room tables and chairs;
  • General redecoration around the school, beginning with the Science Department corridor.

We’ve added some photos of before, during and after the building work in the Music Dept, Modern Languages and the new dining tables to the website. Check them out here.