Picture 4 004After our activity morning and a hot lunch we boarded the coach for Paris.  Our first stop was La Grande Arche de La Defense where our courageous students took part in a mini questionnaire - “Madame, avez-vous une voiture?  We found out that most people at La Defense didn’t have a car but did eat breakfast and had at least an hour for lunch.  After a little time in the fantastic shopping centre, we all got back on the coach and disembarked at La Tour Eiffel.  Everyone was impressed with the security, uniformed soldiers with machine guns guarding the big plasma screen and the inflatable rugby ball suspended from the Tower.  Even those students who were a little nervous about heights went up to the second floor and most made it up to the top.  Most of the sights were visible just before dusk fell and we then made our way to the bateaux mouche for the river trip.  Unfortunately the rain started to fall as well, but we were still able to see the floodlit monuments along the river.