Picture 2 004Everyone was very keen to get to breakfast this morning – the sugar rush from the coach trip had obviously gone.  All the students made their packed tea first and then tucked into their cereals, bread, fruit and hot chocolate.  For the first session the PGL staff divided us all into 4 groups and made two of the groups wear some strange harnesses.  These groups headed for the climbing/abseiling tower and the trapeze.  The other two groups started on archery and TCP – Team Challenge Programme – both activities where brains had to be engaged.  After a bit of arrows flying into the distance both groups were regularly hitting the targets with some getting golds.  Nice shooting Marcus!  The trapeze group showed their bravery by climbing a ladder, a post, standing on top of the post and then leaping for a trapeze.  Easy in principle …..  After lunch we’re off to chat to some French people in Paris …. Bonjour, comment allez-vous?