Distance: 70 miles

Total Distance: 614 miles
Weather: Rain, wind, cold
Jon rides with us! Hooray! He is quickly amazed at how fit and muscular we all are!

We make a late start due to lots of bike maintenance. Jon needed to fix the chain that Dan broke on his bike and Dan needed to fit some gears to his own bike so that he can climb hills again.

The ride starts of fairly slowly with two large but manageable hills early on, with fast descents on the other sides. Dan, Rob & Jon all topped 50mph! Yikes!

The rest of the ride was fairly straight forward, with undulating countryside and some short climbs into Falstone, which is situated right on the border with Scotland.

On route we went through Allendale, where we stopped in a cafe for a cup of coffee. The owners of the cafe upon hearing of our journey ( a bit of a give away when we all troop in wearing cycling gear) were so kind as they gave a donation, and then followed that up by giving us the contents of their tip bowl.  The cafe was called the “Pebbles Art Cafe“, and we would like to offer our sincere thanks to all those who work there!


The relatively easy terrain and shortish distance meant an early finish at 4:30pm.  Once again we were provided with a delicious meal and were tucked up in the pub by 8:00.

PS we only went to the pub to celebrated Woodsy’s first anniversary. How awful to be away for the first one (“I miss you Katy!”).