Distance: 80 miles

Total Distance: 464 miles

Conditions: rain, sunshine, hail and freezing

Today was a super hard, very long slog over the Peak District and the start of the Pennines. There were loads of really steep hills that were also really long. It was agony from start to finish. There were signs that informed us that the hills were 1:4. That means that for every 4 feet you ride forward, you climb 1 foot. That’s easy to say, but very hard to ride up. And it went on ALL day. We started riding at 8:30 and ended up at the Chapel in Sowerby, which itself was at the top of a 2 mile climb, at 6:40. it was the hardest day of all!

We were all absolutely knackered and then there were no showers so we had to wash in a bucket outside in the freezing cold. Luckily the locals had been busy and a delicious meal of steak and potato pie with Rhubarb crumble and custard to follow. A big thanks to all the people that helped to prepare that!