Daily Distance: 81 miles
Total Distance: 232 miles
Conditions: Sunny with light wind

Day three starts with sore bodies attempting to rise early, we all ache (apart from Francis, grr). Not being able to face another torturous day of hills we hastily re-plan the route to follow mainly A-roads and therefore avoid major hills and also reduce the mileage somewhat.

Rob had predicted that day three is when the accidents would happen, and sure enough, Josh nodded off at 20mph, mounted the kerb and lost most of the skin off his left knee. He handled it really well and even seemed quite proud of his LeJog injury.

Progress was rapid to say the least and for three quarters of the day we were averaging 17mph, which is fast! We slowed down slightly as we approached the hills leading into Bristol but we still arrived in good time and in good spirits. It was almost like a rest day, which is bizarre when you consider that we rode 81 miles.

We were fed a delicious meal of home-made spag bol and beer, followed by assorted cheeses and tracklements (pickles apparently) by Paul and Samantha Clarke who are friends of Woodsy. The gang then returned to the church where they were staying, apart from Woodsy who was put up at the Clarke’s and enjoyed the comforts of a double bed with a duvet!