Meet the Team:

Name: Jonathan LandJon
DOB: 24/10/1965
Occupation: Student Support Worker
Cycling Experience: A keen cyclist for many years, Jon has completed LeJog twice, Coast to Coast (West Wales to East England) once, a tour of East Anglia and has also cycled through Israel where a very old man flew past him on the final hill.
Reasons for joing the team: To help organise the challenge in order to raise money and awarenes for the charity Rainbow Trust. And to have an excellent 2 weeks with friends.

Name: Dan GardnerDan
DOB: 8/10/1977
Occupation: ICT teacher
Cycling experience: Dan has been a keen off-road cyclist for many years and has even entered some organised races (he was thrashed by several girls).
Reasons for joining the team: Jon bullied me into it.

Name: Andrew WoodsWoods
DOB: 19/7/1973
Occupation: ICT teacher
Cycling experience: A novice cyclist. Mr Woods only started cylcing properly when he agreed to join the LeJog team, which was a little over a year ago. Since that time he has covered just over 1000 miles whilst training, which sounds a lot until you consider that he will have to do more than that in only two weeks on the actual trip.
Reasons for joining the team: The adventure of touring the country with a group of friends, raising money for a very worthy cause and fighting the onset of middle aged spread.

Name: Rob HudsonRob
DOB: 10/10/1651
Occupation: PE teacher
Cycling experience: – Completed a handful of triathlons, which would be very impressive if it wasn’t 15 years ago.
Reasons for joining the team: God knows! Must have been mad!
Looking forward to: Seeing the country in which I live. Experiencing how big the UK is. Arriving in John O’Groats.
Not looking forward to: Sore bum. Corwall’s hills / Welsh hills / Derbyshire’s hills / Yorkshire’s hills / Nothumberland’s hills / Scottish hills…you get the idea. Rain. Wind (not just Woodsy’s). Injury. Getting lost.

Name: Josh Evanss633946631_90303_6792
DOB: 26/10/1992 (yes, only 14 years old!)
Occupation: Student
Cycling experience: He loves cycling.
Reasons for joining the team: He wanted a challenge!

Name: Francis Evans


DOB: ?
Occupation: Care Manager
Cycling experience: Cycled Lands End to John O’Groats once before with Landy.
Reasons for joining the team: His wife Jenny works for the Rainbow Trust, and he is also very excited about riding with his son.