The virtual Lands End to John O Groats world beating record attempt took place from 4pm on Friday the 18th of May until 12:30 Sunday the 20th.

In preperation for the real ride in the summer and to raise money for the Rainbow Trust, Students and Staff are, between themselves, attempting to beat the world record time for the ride, but on rollers and at Harrow Way.

The live webcam links have now been removed; however the updates posted from the event remain below.

Update: Sun, 6:55 am: WE’VE DONE IT!!!

Mr Gardner had the honour of crossing the “line” this morning.

Bizarrely we have decided to carry on (not my descision – this lot are a bunch of weirdos). How many miles can we ride in the next 5 hours? Mr Benham continues the challenge…

Update: Sat; 8:05 am: PUNCTURE!!!

I don’t believe it! A puncture. But…but…

Quick Gethin is catching us up! Fix it lads!

Update – Saturday; 2:36 am: With just over 240 miles done we are beginning to feel a bit tired now. When I say we I mean Jon, Rob and Woods. Dan and Carol are zonked out in the sleeping room, wimps!

Oh well if we have to do it on our own, then so be it.

[Dont tell anyone but Jon an I (Woods) are nipping off home in a minute. Tee Hee]

We’ll keep going if you keep sponsoring.


First Update: After nearly 6 hours riding we have completed 141.4 miles! Thanks to all the staff and students who have ridden so far!