By way of preparation for the main event, and as an awareness and money raiser for the Rainbow Trust, the LeJog team (Jon Land, Mr Woods, Mr Hudson, Mr Gardner and Miss Woodrow) are attempting to break the record for cycling from Lands End to John O’Groats set by Gethin Butler in 2001.

Sort of.

The record stands at just over 44 hours, which is amazing as the distance is over 850 miles, this means an average speed of about 20mph. Now the team are getting fitter, but to break this record for real would take a feat of Olympian proportions, and they aren’t there yet. Nearly, but not quite.

So this is what they have planned.

Starting on the 18th May 2007, and finishing around lunchtime on the 20th May, the team will attempt to break the record on a stationary bike mounted on rollers, and they will work as a team, each peddling for about an hour at a time. Kind of an endurance relay. Also students have been invited to take part in order to raise money and awareness. For every £1 they raise they can pedal for 1 mile, up to a maximum of 20 miles in one sitting. Of course if they raise £100 and only want to do 2 miles then that is fine also.

Students can get their sponsor forms and book their pedalling times from Mr Woods or Mr Gardner.

As well as sponsoring a student, it is possible to contribute online by visiting our sponsorship page here.

During the event it will be possible to monitor our progress via a live webcam, a link will appear here soon.

Thankyou in advance for any contribution you can make.