7ml phones for oxfam 1 Harrow Way’s 7ML Tutor Group turned old mobile phones into cash for Oxfam.

The students collected over a 100 phones following an assembly before Christmas in which they explained the role of Oxfam in such places as Ethiopia and the Sudan.

Stories were read out about the problems of people “living” in appalling conditions in the Camps in Dafur.

Each phone can be recycled for its metals and components worth about £5.00 each and if it is still works then it’s worth £6.50 per phone.

The money raised, over £500, will go towards Oxfam’s progress of help for the people in Africa, including schooling and education.

See http://www.oxfam.co.uk/ for more details.

Pictured above are 7ML, with their Tutor Mr Loveridge and Anita Crowhurst from Oxfam.