The Recruit by Robert MuchamoreWe think that The Recruit is a fantastic book for readers that are older than eleven.  We recommend this book because we think that it is interesting from the very beginning.

At the start of the book it has the soon-to-be spy getting annoyed with a girl in his class because she is making fun of his mother.  It continues with the spy (James) attacking the girl, but not knowing his own strength.  He then gets into trouble with the police and ends up going to CHERUB – a spy agency for children.

There he starts to learn lots of different skills such as martial arts, survival skills and much more.  He then has to go on a ‘basic training’ course where his skills are put to the test.

CHERUB agents or spies are not in danger whilst on undercover missions.  MI5 agents say that they would prefer to drop a mission than put a CHERUB in danger – but is there any truth to that??


If you do enjoy it, read on to ‘Class A’, then ‘Maximum Security’.

Please use this link to read about Robert Muchamore’s visit to Harrow Way School for World Book Day.