Harrow Way came close in the Cricklade Science Quiz:Use this link to view more photos
We took teams from Years 7, 8 and 9 to The Lights Theatre for the 14th Annual Science Quiz.
The students who competed were:
Year 7 – Sophie Walters, Connor Guiver, Sophie Boyne, Ryan Hethershaw
Year 8 – Sophie Attmere, Grace Howells, Stacey Yates, Emma Whatmough
Year 9 – George Allmark, James Bacon, Stacey Robinson, Elly Vanderplank

The Harrow Way teams competed against students from other schools in the Andover area.
Their behaviour, teamwork and enthusiasm were exemplary proving themselves to be a credit to their school and families.

Year 7 got as far as the first round.  Year 8 and Year 9 teams came second in their competitions.
Well done to everyone involved.

Here is a selection of year 7 questions for you to consider:
Which organ produces insulin?    How many bits in a byte?    What is the frequency of the note middle C on a piano????    And how many hearts does an earthworm have?

Here are some quotes from the students about their experiences today:
“I found out that termites eat wood quicker if they’re listening to rock music, I also found out that a worm has 5 hearts”.

“I was really nervous about what today was about.  Sophie’s competitive streak came out, and I got hyper on nerves.  I sat out for the 1st round and thought the questions were really hard, even the year 7 ones.  I was then roped into doing the next round where we guessed the answers; we came 2nd, beating John Hanson Wooooooo!”.

“I loved today it was a once in a lifetime chance.  When we first arrived everyone was quite nervous, but we all became ourselves and relaxed. Both year 8 and year 9 came 2nd.  I would recommend it, I really enjoyed it today”.

“It was interesting to see how the quiz had changed since last year, but it seemed that the questions were still quite hard.  The atmosphere was really tense”.

“I enjoyed it but it was scary because everyone stared at you.  It was also nice to have a couple of friends with me.  It was also weird when we found out really random facts like the earthworm has 5 hearts”.

Well done to you all!
from Mr Hill and Mrs Catton