IMG_6254As part of the “Aim Higher” project, and hot on the heels of the year 7 group who visited last week, 10 year 8 students and 3 members of staff return from a 2 day survival course in the New Forest at the Tile Barn centre.

The morning through to early afternoon of day 1 saw the groups take part in a 10km walk through the New Forest carrying everything they need to survive for the next 2 days on their backs. There was a short break half way through the walk to boil up some hot chocolate and have (much needed) lunch.

After arriving back at the centre the group was shown how to build the shelters in the woods that they would be sleeping in that night. Once they’d built their own accomodation, the group prepared their own food for the evening meal; including rabbit, pheasant and vegetables. Once the food was prepared and cooked everyone sat down to eat the fruit of their own hard work.

After food and after everything has been washed up, wiped down and packed away it’s off to bed in the (hopefully well built) shelters in the woods. Overnight saw temperatures of approx -4 with a heavy frost on the ground when most got up again at 7am. Once everyone was up and awake, it was time to cook eggs, bacon, sausages and beans for breakfast. After this it was time to wash up once again before starting to dismantle the camp. Equipment had to be cleaned and returned, the shelters dismantled and the site made fully ready for the next users before it was time to get on the minibus back to Harrow Way, suitably tired out!

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