MVC-009SOn Wednesday 28th February, 10 Harrow Way students together with English Teacher, Mrs Veale and Librarian, Mrs Caulfield visited Kimpton Primary school to help them celebrate their rainforest themed bookweek.

Below is a report about the day’s events written with help from Stuart Ratcliffe, Jack Phipps and Ben Richardson

On the day, Simon Renfrey, Ellie Vanderplank and Alex Watson performed a glove puppet show to Reception and Years 1, 2 asking the Kimpton pupils to join in at various stages.  The stories they performed were ‘The Panther and the Mouse’ and ‘The Three Little Monkeys and the Big Bad Snake’.

Grace Howells and Zoe Lungley went to Year 3, 4 and 5 and performed a rainforest shadow puppet show.  After the puppet show we interviewed some of the children to see if they enjoyed the show, and they loved it.  After break the Kimpton pupils had a go at making their own shadow puppets and tried them out in the puppet theatre.  One Kimpton pupil made a fabulous spider because it was his favourite animal.

Kate Mee and Nicola Fletcher held a rainforest spelling test for Year 6 and after break they organised a rainforest quiz.  Kate and Nicola helped the Kimpton pupils to find the correct answers using books and the internet.  The winners all received great prizes.

During our visit we interviewed some pupils from all the year groups asking them about the day and if they were enjoying it.  Some pupils we asked said ‘We really enjoy this school especially the library’