The men are back in the saddle, resuming their preparations for the arduous 1200 mile bicycle trip from Lands End to John O’Groats. Albeit hesitantly. After the excesses of the festive period it was a bit of a strain to get their legs over the cross bar, but they managed it.

In other team news Mr Woods has had serious trouble with both knees. After a 40 mile ride they would both seize up and become very painful. This is a real problem as on the real trip a 40 mile ride is followed by lunch, and then another 40 mile ride. Everyday for two weeks.

After consulting his Doctor, Mr Woods was informed that he had just done too much training too fast and he should take the rest of the winter off. If his knees did not improve Mr Woods was informed that he should not take part in the ride at all. He was therefore understandably aprehensive when he mounted his bike for his first ride in nearly two months. Sensibly he did a short 15 mile circuit and was pleased to report that his knees stood up very well.

Fingers crossed for the future.

Mr Hudson and Jon Land have both bought new bikes and have spent a whopping £2100 between them. Boys and their toys eh? Jon would like this reporter to point out that he only spent £400 of that total. Mr Hudson is now too scared to go out on his massively expensive, carbon fibre super-duper bike, just in case a leaf lands on it.

Training continues…

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