The performing arts department ended the term for the students in a truly festive spirit on Thursday 14th and Friday 15th December. On the Thursday night there was a performance of items, which went under the title, ‘Christmas Potpourri’, by the Yr10 BTEC Drama groups. The Diploma group presented their own devised work on a theme of Christmas whilst the Certificate group presented their production of ‘Harry Rings the Lord of the Potters’. Also on show was the KS3 Youth Theatre who performed a short musical telling the story of the Christmas Truce from 1914. On Friday morning there were two more performances for Year 7 and Year 8 students. There are galleries of pictures. For ‘Harry’ click here. On Wednesday night there had been the Rock Academy Showcase, featuring performers from Harrow Way and those attending who attend the Rock Academy and the Saturday morning guitar club. For more pictures click here. For the Christmas Potpourri click here. Remember there are also galleries of pictures from the Music Show (click here) and the Dance Competition (click here). You can also see a complete performance of ‘The Tempest’ given earlier this term (click here).