Dubious decisions, awful conditions and penalty emotions, but really it’s the same old story, as ‘eagles’ pay the ultimate price for missed chances.

In a very similar game to the last time these two teams met(Year 9 County Cup), the eagles dominated 80% of the game, outclassing their opponents at times, but once again failed to take their chances, and suffered a painful defeat against an organised hardworking team. With the bitter memory of the previous defeat still in their minds, the eagles went all out for revenge, and with Danny Urry looking a class act in midfield, the eagles created many early chances. Although the referee gave them no favours, the eagles continued to control the game and the defence looked solid under the command of Ross Willoughby. Salesian defended desperately at times but with elements of luck, mixed with a hard work ethic, they constantly thwarted all that the eagles could throw at them. With the score 0-0 the game moved into extra time with the eagles still pushing for that vital goal which their skill and effort deserved. A final chance missed by Ross Donovan who had an excellent game signalled the end of the match, and the lottery of a penalty shoot-out. With Salesian scoring all their attempts the pressure was on, and when centre forward Ellis Goodson missed for the eagles the match was lost. A tough lesson to learn once more, but hopefully the County Cup will enable the boys to bounce back. Mr Wade and Mr Hudson were both devastated for the boys, especially Ellis who worked so hard during the game but unfortunately missed his penalty. The boys gave their all and even Salesian acknowledged that the best team had lost. That’s football!

Man of the match – Danny Urry(top class display, a captains performance)