Aldworth ‘cave’ in to the pressure, as Josh hits extra time winner!

(Man of the match – Matt Curtis – inspiring second half performance)

Last years district champions nearly fell at the first hurdle in their opening round of the County Cup on Thursday night. After a very poor first half littered with defensive errors, the Eagles found themselves 2-0 down at half time, and almost out. However, champions aren’t that easily defeated or dispirited. After some strong words at half-time by coaches Wade and Hudson, and the rallying cry of captain Josh Barnett still ringing in their ears, the Eagles stepped back onto the field determined to put things right. The second half was a completely different story as the Eagles tore into their opponents, unleashing wave after wave of attacks. With Matt Curtis now dominating the midfield and George Allmark tightening up the defence, the forwards were able to take control. Josh Barnett led by example, as a great captain should, and rifled in the Eagles first goal from a great free kick just outside the box. Morale was lifted even more, and Aldworth were defending desperately as the Eagles piled on the pressure. From another excellent Barnett free kick Curtis got the vital touch that levelled the scores, and ensured extra time. Josh Cave secured the victory in the first half of extra time with a great strike from inside the box. A terrific fightback by the Eagles, and a thoroughly deserved victory! Mr Wade and Mr Hudson would both like to congratulate the squad on their great team spirit, and bouncebackability. Well done boys, don’t scare us as much in round 2!