On Thursday September 14th the Year 11 Art GCSE pupils will be visiting Salisbury for a day of drawing which will be closely connected with their current coursework topic of Architecture.

The students will be travelling by train from Andover station to Salisbury where they will initially view the architecture in and around the station before moving to Fisherton Mill Gallery.

Here their recording work in sketch books will really begin as they commence studies of the historic building, looking closely at both interior and exterior sections of its architecture and they are encouraged to use their cameras. 

Additionally the students will be expected to view the work within the gallery as this space is primarily used as a selling gallery by artists. They will be selecting and recording artists work in their sketch books together with the selling price! Paintings and ceramics by artists, both local and international, are displayed within the gallery and provide inspiration for the students when developing and extending their own coursework ideas.

 Interaction with current art work is of prime importance to coursework studies and the opportunity will be available for all students to meet a practising sculptor who has his studio workshop adjacent to the gallery.

A walk to Salisbury Cathedral and a picnic lunch will fortify everyone and hopefully all students will then gather inspirational sketch book studies from viewing the numerous architectural features of this historic building. They will be looking at the stained glass,  arches, carvings, as well as the more modern etched glass work by Laurence Whistler and the embroideries by Salisbury Embroiderers Guild.

Extension studies by the students as well as photograhs of the days proceedings will soon be added.