As part of the Wessex Bookfair best-selling author of The Roman Mysteries, Caroline Lawrence, visited Harrow Way on Wednesday 22nd November to perform to pupils from St Mary Bourne, Portway, Vigo and John Hanson schools.  She also performed to all of the Harrow Way Year 7 students.

The Roman Mysteries is a series of historical novels set in Ancient Rome. Aimed at children aged 7 – 14, the books offer exciting openings for lines of enquiry into almost every aspect of Roman life, including social structure, daily life, mythology, entertainment and leisure.

There was a bookshop selling copies of Caroline’s books on the day and the students were given the opportunity to go on stage with Caroline and get their book signed.

Visit of author Caroline Lawrence


On Wednesday 22nd November, author Caroline Lawrence came in and gave us a talk about Romans and about her books, the Roman Series mysteries.

She talked to us about roman life and one of the things she told us was about a sponge on a stick which Romans used to wipe their butt!

She also spoke about her books and explained that they had just been filmed to be made into a TV show, about the actors and where she got the ideas about her characters.  We saw some pictures as well.

She gave us a good tip- borrow little bits of other author’s ideas and change it to make it your own.  Everyone enjoyed the talk that she gave us and we hope to see her again.

It was an enjoyable day as Caroline was funny and exciting.  Also Portway Junior School and John Hanson School came to share the experience and outstanding talk.  We took great memories away with us.

By Lynsey Grover, Hayley Williamson and Sophie Walters