Fayef International School

October 2nd, 2019

logoAt Harrow Way we are proud at the fact we are a UNICEF Rights Respecting School with Peer Educators in each year, who promote the Rights of the Child and lead various initiatives set up by UNICEF.

Our Peer Educators have been working with an organisation called Partner West Africa (PWA) to set up a partnership with Fayef International School in Ghana. The PWA organisation believe strongly in the right of the child: the opportunity for children to be children, to play, to laugh, to enjoy a good quality of education, to build meaningful relationships, to be safe, to go without hunger or fear, and to live a childhood that will give them the best opportunity for a brighter future.

ousideThe students come from the local, rural area so many are dependent on the school bus to get them to school and back. Many parents struggle to find the money to send their children regularly to school but the school understands this and has a strong support system in place, based on very good knowledge of the area and the families who live in it. Many of the children who attend the school are sponsored by donations from the UK and elsewhere and the school relies on similar fund-raising for its resources and building development.

Fayef has 200+ students aged between 2 and 15 and is growing in numbers. It is located near the south coast of Ghana. Harrow Way students collated together a scrap book of information on the school, to send to Ghana via PWA organisation and invited them to be our “partners”. They accepted our invitation.

classroomIn return Fayef sent us a letter which accompanied a short video introducing themselves and their school. Harrow Way also created a video introducing our school to their students and through film, scrapbooks and letters the students have built up a relationship. Although Fayef has some computers, as yet, there is no internet link but communication between the two schools is creative and has enabled both to learn more about what it is like to be a student in the individual schools.

We are hoping our relationship will continue to grow and students are starting to put plans in place and fundraising activities to visit the school next year. Teachers are also looking at joint curriculum initiatives. We have already donated text books and computers to PWA for Fayef and other schools in the area.

Field Trip
Fayef International SchoolIn July 2014, students at Harrow Way were so inspired by the link that in 2014 they raised funds to help Fayef repair and redecorate the school’s external walls. In July 2014, 10 students and 2 staff from Harrow Way made the trip to Ghana. A case study of the trip can be downloaded from the PWA website here.

A gallery of pictures from the field trip can be seen here.

Christmas 2014
B5z028hCAAEdHCkHarrow Way Peer educators wanted to continue to raise funds for our partner school and decided that they wanted to give them gifts for Christmas. As we can’t easily send them parcels, we raised £450 of Virtual Christmas Boxes. Some of the money raised was put towards a trampoline. A video was sent to us of the Children at Fayef having their first Christmas Party:

IMG_0496From our Christmas Fair we raised a further £1700, which we donated to Sandy Craig from PWA on 7th January 2015.

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