Harrow Way Community School has many facilities available to hire by the Community, Clubs and Groups, including the Gymnasium, Sports Hall, Pitches, Auditorium, ICT Suites and Classrooms at competitive prices.

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For any enquiries or a site visit, please contact the Community Office on 01264 364900

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Affiliation Prices per hour (Annual Affiliation Fee – £20).

Youth: £17.25Youth: £7.25
Adult: £36.50Adult: £10.50
Youth: £35.00, Youth Football – £12.00Youth: £11.50
Adult: £35.00Adult: £20.00
Youth: £7.25Youth: £25.00
Adult: £10.50Adult: £25.00
Youth: £6.25Youth: £12.25
Adult: £10.50Adult: £15.50
Adult: £35

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