School Ethos

November 12th, 2019

Our Vision “Learning for Life – Success for all”

School Aims
We believe in high standards, a learning environment in which the aptitudes and interests of each individual child are recognised, respected and fully developed. We offer a variety of approaches and teaching strategies to develop each student as an independent as well as a cooperative learner.

We seek to match the curriculum to the needs of the individual so that each student develops confidence and a sense of achievement through learning.

We provide continuous professional development for all staff. We believe in partnership with parents. We consistently seek to develop this further, and to enrich the curriculum through involvement in our community. Harrow Way is a caring school in which we encourage all members to respect themselves, each other, our local community and the environment.

We are confident that Harrow Way Community School will provide your child with an excellent, appropriate and successful education.

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