March 17th, 2020

As you know, the current situation is that school will remain open. However, as your child has to remain at home for 7 to 14 days then here are some activities to support their learning. The curriculum pages on the website will give you details about the topics that your child is studying in school.  Year 11 students will be aware of what work needs completing/revising/self-quizzing in each subject area.  It is a good idea to keep checking Show My Homework for any work and www.senecalearning.com has a wealth of courses covering many subject areas. Here is a helpful blog that also has some good ideas: Home Learning.

BBC Bitesize can help with revision and learning. Find free videos, step-by-step guides, activities and quizzes by level and subject. BBC Bite SizeKS3 and KS4


The most important thing that students can do is read. Reading together is worthwhile or checking in with your child to see how much they have read over a 30 minute period. If you do not have many books at home then the library can provide them or they can be downloaded through Amazon and other providers. The school E Book Platform has Audio and E books available free of charge.  The link to this is from the VLE. Students sign in with their usual Harrow Way log in.  The Hampshire Public Library Service also have audio and E books. Check their website for details.

Students can write an account of having to stay at home, all about their symptoms and how they feel. It can support good mental health to express their feelings in writing.


Online Maths apps and websites such as the PiXL app and www.mymaths.co.uk have a wide range of activities that students can access and they are in topic and year group sections. Generic school login for 2019/20:   harrowway. Generic school password for 2019/20: power.

Humanities (History, Geography and RE)

Seneca Learning can be used to go over topics or do some pre-learning on areas that you might be studying. You can find the website at www.senecalearning.com


Students in Y7-8 should use www.samlearning.com to access revision materials – the log-in is in your child’s log book.

Students in Y9 – 11 should use Tassomai and answer their daily 140 questions.

Top Tips

For all of the other subjects, use the school website to find out which topics you would be covering and create a research paper on them. You can use the internet to find out:

who was involved

what happened

what impact did it have

include sub-headings, keywords, diagrams, pictures and a bibliography

Make sure that screen time is limited and that your child takes regular breaks

Make sure that your child gets lots of physical activity – they might be up for doing a workout video or HIIT session. These can be found on YouTube.

Don’t forget to get lots of fresh air – even if it is just in the garden!

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